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Where Can You Find Products From Walpole Valley Farms?

So much has happened in the past six and a half years! We went from a micro-farm to a small farm and we have really expanded our scope when it comes to where our products can be found. We've been amazed at the reception to our products and the fact that people love this stuff really keeps us going!

So where can you find our products? The first place we always keep stocked is our farm store. When you visit our store you'll always find a large selection of our 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, our pasture-raised pork, chicken and eggs and maple syrup. When you buy directly from the farm you get a better price and so do we, so it's a win-win for everyone.

As for stores, you can find our eggs (hens raised on pasture) in The Walpole Grocery and in the brand new Monadnock Food Co-op. The co-op also stocks some of our sausages from our pasture-raised pigs, steaks from our 100% grass-fed cows and other items when available.

We also attend the Walpole Farmers' Market from May to October and bring an array of meats, eggs and vegetables to the market each week.

Now for restaurants. We have been doing business right here in Walpole with The Restaurant at L.A. Burdick for quite some years. The chefs at Burdick's have been extremely supportive of the farm and we love that they are right downtown. A new addition to the dining scene in our area, Popolo has also been extremely supportive and uses our pasture-raised eggs in signature pastries, and for their Sunday brunch. Our ground beef can be found as the grass-fed selection on the menu at the Port Authority Cafe in Keene. We recently formed relationships with Pine at the Hanover Inn, The Lord Jeffrey Inn in Amherst, MA, and The Farm Table in Bernardston, MA who are all using our farm products on their menus.

Right here on the farm my sister-in-law Jackie uses the farm's eggs along with herbs and vegetables she grows in the gourmet breakfasts she prepares for the Inn at Valley Farms.

So be sure to support the businesses mentioned above. All of these establishments are doing a wonderful job incorporating more local products into their offerings and menus. Hope to see you at the farm soon!


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